We know how hard it is to build a value-driven technology team for your projects.

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We create tailor-made digital products and software solutions for technology companies and global agencies when
they need to save time of a special work, use resources efficiently to improve delivery of value,
or faster implementation of a business goal.

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Digital Pit Stop
For Your Business

When it comes to technology, building a technology team or getting digital services has never been more important. As your technology consultant, no21 identifies and analyzes your digital needs and comes up with the best solutions for your business, like a digital pit stop.

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How to turn your great ideas into reality

Entrepreneurial spirit comes naturally. Most of us have plenty of game-changing ideas that occupy our minds, but we don’t know where to start. As part of Vanora Ventures (VV), no21 start-up acceleration team created the VV'on Program to turn your ideas into products to be invested.

VV'on Program for everyone

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Do you need a sustainable dedicated software team for your company? Even though "digital" meant same for all of us 10 years ago, today it has hundreds of different meanings and sub-branches, so need of a technology department is also consistently changing. We aware of the needs of the companies we work with, and deliver result-oriented solutions in light of the latest technological developments. If you are looking for a experience and competent team to your digital needs, we are ready to help you.

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Team means the world to us!

Our team is our greatest asset. We care about being a team who always listen and support to each other, and we believe our community is the real magic behind our successful projects.

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