Hire a competent team for your projects

If you are looking for a team that challenge you through questioning ideas and offering advices to create the best solution for your needs, you are in the right place.

no21 is a development team with a high technical capability, competence and experience, taking responsiblity, foreseeing risks and eliminating the potential problems, and maximizing your benefits.

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We are committed to sustainable and efficient project plans with our work cycle chain
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No21 for professionals - longterm partnerships

Having a strong technology team has become more important than ever. Many companies are having troubles to gather a well-suited and competent team for their work, or they face difficulties in the adaptatation, management and productivity.

no21 pays great attention to its employees’ wellbeing and properity which results as having less than %2 turnover in its team.

no21 offers not only efficiency but also productivity and thus great results to technology companies, by providing technical product managers and developers in longterm relations.