Team means the world to us!
Our team is our greatest asset behind our successful projects.

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We know how great it feels to be a part of a team where you feel valued

Our team works with the vision of being a peaceful workplace for our genius technology experts by improving their skills to maximize their abilities.

As a team which consists of Y-Z generation, we build all of the team dynamics on transparent expactation, and put motivation and wellbeing of our team before coorparete benefits.

and there is a seat designed just for you

In no21, all the roles are custom-made in order to outperform the strenghts of the team members and improve the areas of their weaknesses,

If you also believe that adding something from yourself in your work life makes a difference, if you are excited about building a career in technology, and if you want to be part of the no21 team, contact us!

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Meet Our Leaders

abdurrahman beşinci

Abdurrahman Beşinci

Managing Partner

can üzüm

Can Üzüm

Managing Partner

elif marangoz

Elif Marangoz

Managing Partner

sezgi güneş

Sezgi Güneş

Front-End & Mobile Lead

erol arkat

Erol Arkat

Tech Lead

barış çatalbaş

Barış Çatalbaş

Team Lead

Moments & Quotes

I think the most important advantage of being the member of no21 is working as part of a single team, rather than within isolated departments. This enables us to interact and collaborate with many businesses areas.