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Software Team for Professionals

Here’s the deal: Delivering large-scale software projects on time, on budget, and on value....

While technological developments and rapid growth have affected the industry in every aspect, it also brought up major problems in digital team building. Keeping up with the ever-changing technologies, staying within the budget and timeline even in different risks and scenarios, and increasing costs made it almost impossible to make long-term plans with a competent technology team. However, as the no21 team, we are planning on building longer-term collaborations with technology companies. We position ourselves as an in-house software/product team for technology companies, agencies and software companies in all processes from project design to delivery, thus eliminating team building and management costs.

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Management systems

A corporate brand that manufactures for many countries, a business with thousands of branches, or a hotel chain… turn complex systems into easily manageable structures.

No21 cms infrastructures are quickly designed to create an unlimited web management experience custom-made for your processes.

We develop all kinds of digital management applications including catalog systems, event management, quiz/survey structures, online training systems, workflow processes and many more with no21 infrastructures in 12 different sectors in more than 20 countries.

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E-commerce Solutions

Buy and sell products, create a marketplace, call a courier, manage your warehouse, track your inventory, create a wallet system, rent clothes, sell second hand, barter, sell tickets, give lessons, receive donations, create branch orders, integrate, create a loyalty system, change the currency, create metaverse, or a stock market…. Go beyond the traditional boundaries in e-commerce.

As a team that has been developing e-commerce systems for over 10 years, we aim for an experience beyond the borders with product ideas, practices and solutions that will make life easier along with creating comprehensice e-commerce systems.

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VV'on Program

Turn your ideas quickly into successful applications with an experienced team...

Creating a product is one of the most enjoyable processes that we love as a team coming from a start-up culture.

In this exciting process, we incubate together, identify the digital needs and create maps, and come up with the most suitable starter packages for start-ups and products at the idea stage.

Feel free to contact us to take part in the VV’on program that we take part as the team of Vanora Ventures, a technology investor.

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